Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum is a part of Atlanta, Georgia's aviation history. Located in the world's busiest airport, it is an incredible and unique museum dedicated to educating both young and old about the history of air travel.

It was built in 1975 as an educational facility to teach aviation history and the science of flight. Today, it is focused on preserving and interpreting the history of Delta Air Lines and its culture. In addition to its collection of artifacts, displays, archives, and photographs, the museum offers interactive tours to visitors to engage them with their historical perspective.

DC-3 "Delta Queen" Aircraft

The main attraction at Delta Flight Museum is the DC-3 "Delta Queen" aircraft used by Delta from 1943 until 1959. This plane has been restored to its original condition and holds a special place in the hearts of former crew members who remember flying it for almost two decades. Visitors can also explore various other aircraft, including some vintage planes from World War II that were used to transport soldiers around the globe.


The museum also houses several exhibits that focus on different aspects of Delta's history, such as its achievements in safety and service, its development from a small regional carrier to an international airline, and even stories about some of the people who helped shape the company over the years. Other attractions include interactive displays that allow guests to learn how air traffic control works and what pilots do when flying commercial flights.

Special Education Programs

Finally, visitors can also participate in special education programs offered throughout the year at the museum. These programs cover aeronautics, aircraft maintenance, weather forecasting, and navigation techniques. The Delta Flight Museum is open seven days a week, so if you're busy on the weekdays, you can still visit the museum on Saturdays and Sundays.