St. James Live

St. James Live in the Atlanta area perfectly exemplifies what makes the city unique. It's a place where music, art, and culture collide to make for an unforgettable experience.

It was introduced in May 2015 by husband and wife duo Ron and Evelyn St. James and their daughter, Tiffany. The goal was to make a place that embodied the energy and liveliness of Atlanta's music scene.

What Do You See When You Enter St. James Live?

The St. James Live experience starts with its entranceway, featuring two staircases made from bricks salvaged from Atlanta's original Georgia State Capitol building. Inside, raw wood beams add a rustic charm, while vibrant paintings on various walls give it an art-inspired atmosphere.

Live Music at Night

As nightfall approaches, St. James Live comes alive with unbeatable talent gracing its stage every week! From jazz to hip hop, blues to gospel--to name a few--you can find something to groove to. It's no wonder that St. James Live has hosted some of Atlanta's most celebrated artists, including Grammy-nominated R&B singer Janelle Monáe and Outkast frontman Big Boi.

St. James Live is more than just a place to see live music.

Drinks at the Bar

You can find a wide selection of craft beers, spirits, and cocktails at the bar. Every week, St. James Live's bartenders whip up unique creations made from seasonal ingredients—basil-infused vodka to spicy tequila margaritas. St. James Live has everything if you're looking for a sophisticated drink or something strong and bold!

Delicious Cuisine

In addition to drinks and music, St. James Live also offers delicious cuisine. The venue works with some of Atlanta's best local chefs to create dishes that reflect the city's diverse culture and culinary landscape. These include southern classics like fried chicken sandwiches and global flavors like flavorful curries and Caribbean-style tacos.

There's truly no place like St. James Live, and it's one of the many amazing places to experience Atlanta's vibrant music and nightlife scene. With its unique atmosphere, unbeatable talent, delicious drinks, and cuisine, St. James Live is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.